Razor Sharp Excalibur


Redstar Rosebud


"Redstar Rosebud" x "Razor Sharp Excalibur" litter date of February 25th 2016! All puppies are placed!


There are three healthy, impressive, stunning and plump Cal x Rose Nuggets... I am in love with each of them!


The boys, Rauri and Cooper went to their new perfect homes with their families on April 23rd.... 

it was such a bittersweet day... I am so excited for the boys and so excited for their families... but I miss them so very much.... 

We have our beloved Woods who was house trained in 48 hours and is doing brilliantly all around... I am absolutely smitten with her.


About the litter:

On the afternoon of February 25th 2016, we welcomed three healthy, large and stunning puppies into this world... Rose and Cal's puppies are simply and extraordinarily perfect.

They're so big, so unique and are going to make their mark in this world by filling three families with love and beauty. We are fortunate to be one of those families as we are retaining one for ourselves in honor of Cal and I'm blessed to have the privilege to welcome this girl into our lives.


It is exciting to know that the puppies that will soon be galloping through the house and getting underfoot don't ALL have to leave in 8 weeks, we will be graced with greatness by being able to keep “Lilac & Lace Cattle Co.’s California Redwoods” aka “Woods” who has been named after both her dad and her now retired momma.

This has been a very bittersweet celebration… we miss our Cal beyond measure. We are not anywhere near healed but everyone has been incredible, supportive and has helped us day by day as we grieve. These puppies are Cal's legacy. His one and only legacy. I'd like to believe that he is here with us now... watching over his children, my son and I.

Mom and puppies are doing brilliantly and I'm not shocked, but a little surprised at their size... Very large, very healthy!


Rosie had a stress free delivery and is having a very easy going motherhood so far! I can't ask for anything more! She's loving on them and caring for them with true passion.


These puppies are all placed already, as is our entire next litter here at Lilac & Lace out of Oakley and Button, but I hope everyone enjoys the photos that will be placed in this album over the next 8 weeks and beyond as these beauties develop, grow and make their way to being themselves.


I'm so in love with all of them... I truly hope you join me in watching these babies grow up... It's going to be an adventure!


February 27th Update:


We had a stellar vet appointment...

The vet cried over Cal when she met the puppies, but she also smiled often as she remarked on how in love she is with them.

All three puppies were ogled and drooled over by the staff and had a perfect report of health. Tails are done (they did an exemplary job). Dewclaws are done. Belly buttons were checked.

All went very well and the three musketeers were immediately nursing upon coming home… and the sweet Rosie was very relieved to have her puppies back... yes, she tore everything apart in search for them while we were gone, but we expect such behavior and are proud of her for being such a loving mom.


All puppies are cleared via parentage on all breed specific genetic mutaions and will have Hip Scores of Good or Excellent, Normal Elbows and Clear CERF exams each year.


Attached to this page is a blank Puppy Contract to give you an idea of the paperwork that will be required by you by the time you pick up your new baby… of course, I will have all of the information as far as the puppy, the parents, etc. filled out and customized to you specifically. I encourage new owners to review this before contacting me.  It is not an application, I interview potential new owners thoroughly via email, telephone or in person.


Once the puppies are born, I email new owners a detailed outline of what their first 8 weeks of life is like under my care... it allows new owners to know the joys of raising a newborn puppy via a week by week layout.... of course new owners are emailed loads of photos, but there is so much more to it than puppy photo shoots.... there are first steps, eyes opening for the first time... it is an incredible experience and I love sharing it with people.


With your Puppy comes a New Puppy Package!

Included in your New Puppy Package is a comprehensive, informational “New Puppy Guide” and “Aussie Prep Kit” that I have taken a lot of time to write for your review and for you to utilize as you bring your new puppy home.  It covers basics like house training, crate training, diet, socialization, etc.  It also includes AKC and/or ASCA New Puppy Guides as well as a New Puppy Kit from the veterinarian that has seen your new puppy since birth.  While the Puppy Package is loaded with extremely useful information, it also includes vital documents such as your puppy’s full Vet Record, your puppy’s sire and dam’s Genetic Health Test Records, OFFA Certificates, ASCA or ASCA/AKC Pedigrees/Lineages, Microchip Registration Paperwork (your puppy comes Microchipped), a sample of Heart Worm Preventative and a sample of Frontline, a week’s worth of food, age appropriate toys, a leash and a collar… the Puppy Package gets full and it is lovingly placed in a hand illustrated bag and ready for you to dive into the minute you get home with your new family member!     


Your puppy will be registered in full the day you pick him or her up, we do this together... I do not have puppies leave before they are registered.  ASCA and/or the AKC will send you their certificate and pedigree in the mail once it is processed.


Each puppy owner gets a choice of 7 organizations to donate $25.00 (in their name) which comes out of the price of your puppy. That way I know I am doing my part to help and we will do this on the day that your puppy is going home with you as well.


Donation Choices: 




MSU Veterinary Department

Australian Shepherd Rescue in Michigan (ASRIM)

PawPrint Genetics

Australian Shepherds Furever



A side note of this happy breeder… is that Rosie’s private Rustic Whelping Room is the best… Mom can take her breaks as she needs them, with zero stress of being far from her babies… She is so very happy and I am thrilled at how much space the litter has now and will have as they age.


The Fun Specifics:


Minimal Blue Merle Male: Lindsay and her family are taking this sweet boy home!

"Lilac & Lace Cattle Co.'s Cooper".... with a Call Name of "Cooper"


Minimal Red Merle Male: Annette and her family are taking this sweet boy home!

"Lilac & Lace Cattle Co.'s Calegacy Centurion Rauri"... with a Call Name of "Rauri"


Red Merle Female: Staying Here at Lilac & Lace... we named her after both mom and dad... 

"Lilac & Lace Cattle Co.'s California Redwoods"... with a Call Name of "Woods"


I am so very excited and honored as always to have such a privilege… raising puppies is a blessing. I am forever grateful, passionate and excited. My heart is always full, my hands always busy.


My truest and deepest passion (outside of being a mother to my son) keeps me dedicated to my relentless efforts to contribute to the betterment of ASCA and AKC Standard Australian Shepherds... 


I strive to create confident, healthy, biddable, social, versatile, strong working dogs and the very best and most loving family companions all rolled into one. I never charge more for coat or eye color or gender... I would be wary of one who did... the value is in the Aussie, the gorgeous variety of appreances that they can come in is just an esthetic bonus!  My dogs are priced based on the quality of them.


I take great pride in my dogs when they are working just as I do when they are laying at my feet or are at a show... An Aussie being multifaceted is of the utmost importance in my eyes.  An Aussie should be gentle enough to play with a child and bold enough to run cattle... loving you the whole way through with a keen and unmatched level of intelligence.


I do everything here for the love of these Aussies, to help contribute to their brilliant characteristics, physical attributes, desired temperaments and emotional and physical health.

I am highly focused on keeping the Australian Shepherd as it was intended... an incomparable, independent thinker... a problem solver, loyal enough to have truly earned the title of "Velcro Dog"... a family member.  An Aussie should never be a quitter, they should never be aggressive, nor timid… In my opinion, the versatile nature of this breed is one of the most incredible qualities.


In addition to raising my dogs as naturally and as healthily as possible.... All of my breeding adults are FULLY Health Tested and are absolutely cleared of every genetic mutation possible to currently test for... I do not "carefully" breed carriers or affected dogs to "clear" dogs... If my dogs do not clear all 10 DNA/Genetic Tests plus meet my standards with their OFA exams on their Hips, Elbows and CERF, they do not create litters. They all have OFA Hip/Elbow ratings of Normal.  Period.  Every sire and dam's Health Test Results are available to review and can also be publicly viewed through the OFA's website or the company that I use to complete the genetic testing.


While we have many dogs, I only have limited numbers of litters each year to insure the health and safety of our females and of course, of the puppies produced.  Currently we have 2-3 litters per year.  At this time, this is what I have time for… so in turn, this is what is appropriate for my current program.  Things in the future may change as my son is older and I am able to pass on more homestead chores to him which would free up additional time in my schedule… but this is where we are right now.  It is the responsible decision for this time in my life.  I absolutely remain focused on my goals and will never value quantity over quality.  I would be wary of anyone who does.


My females are seen by not only a veterinarian, but also by a Reproduction Specialist before even thinking of planning a litter.  I absolutely live for my dogs and I would never want to be in a position of doubt or uncertainty when it comes to their health, emotional welfare or safety. I am not a veterinarian... I will say that all day long.  There are many things that I know and can say with certainty after raising Aussies for 17 years, but I am not trained to give an ultra sound or give such an extensive exam especially regarding reproductive health.  I rely heavily on my support system of medical professionals.  From specialists to veterinarians to working with university research departments to relying on my own diligence and my propensity for being autodidactic when a source of knowledge is available to me.  


Yes, I can give vaccinations... and I do to many animals here.  But not to our dogs or litters.  That is a vet's job and it is important for a new puppy to go home with proper documentation from a medical professional in order to correctly start records at their vet of choice.  I do not dock the tails or declaws myself, even though I am absolutely capable… to me such a thing is a surgical procedure… and again, I am not a veterinarian.


My puppies are all raised in my home, as are my dogs… I do not own a kennel.  Some call me nutty and “how do you manage it?” is a question I hear quite often… I manage it through diligence, training and a perfect system of knowing who behaves best with who… Our dogs are crated when we leave the home (which is very rare) or when we have company… Not everyone understands that walking into a home with 8 Aussies can be a funny moment, to them it may be overwhelming… so to avoid stress, they are crated or outdoors.  My dogs accompany me throughout my daily work… and any Aussie under the age of 1 year sleeps in their crate at night for their safety and my peace of mind.


I have worked very hard to be where I am today in my work with my Australian Shepherds…I am hyper-focused on bloodlines as it is the base of your dog… so having exemplary bloodlines help and I feel that beyond the health of my animals, their foundation is of incredible importance… you can’t build a stable home upon a shaky or poorly made foundation… but I was told by a breeding mentor over a decade ago that every good breeder will start with a good stock and then continue on and make their dogs into the the very dogs that they covet.  Put in the work.  And I have. It is a point of pride and even though it borders on inflated pride, I am not ashamed to say it. 

We have 8 dogs…. They are as follows and more information on each can be found on my Male and Female Pages (be patient…. I am still revamping the website after my big move and have spent countless hours transforming it from a cattle lover’s paradise into my own work)…


Lilac & Lace Cattle Co.’s Button Up That Goose: Black Tri BET ASCA/AKC Australian Shepherd, Male

Redstar Rosebud: Red Tri ASCA/AKC Australian Shepherd, Female

Atchley’s Little Oakley Joe: Blue Merle ASCA/AKC Australian Shepherd, Female

K-J for Lilac & Lace Cattle Co.'s Sister Willow: Minimal Red Merle ASCA/AKC Australian Shepherd, Female

Lilac & Lace Cattle Co.'s California Redwoods: Red Merle ASCA Australian Shepherd, Newborn

Lilac & Lace Cattle Co.’s Bella Arma di Bestiame: Black Tri BET ASCA/AKC Australian Shepherd, Juvenile Female

Lilac & Lace Cattle Co.’s Luna’s Saving Grace: Black Tri ASCA/AKC Australian Shepherd, Juvenile Female

AK for Lilac & Lace’s 7 Saints of Twin Oaks: Black Tri ASCA/AKC Australian Shepherd, Juvenile Female


I try to explain to people, friends, family, strangers… It is not hard physical labor when it is something that you love… it is an honor to be granted the opportunity to care for all of my animals.  They breathe life into me… they provide me joy, some provide joy and food… some provide joy and dairy… they give me something that I can not describe… there will never be enough that I can do for them in order to repay them for what they do for my heart, for my home… my life.  But I spend every moment trying my best to let them know that they are invaluable family members to me and that I would do anything in the world for them. I am grateful every moment of every day.  I have written so much already and I have tons more to write in regards to everything else I do here… but I am just trying to get this website back up and running and will work on it as I have more time…




And while information on Redstar Rosebud and Razor Sharp Excalibur can be found on the Aussie Males and Aussie Females Pages, I find it important to add here as well:



Sire's Registered Name:

Razor Sharp Excalibur


Call Name:



Registered Name: Razor Sharp Excalibur

Call Name: Cal


"Razor Sharp Excalibur" is an ASCA Registered Blue Merle Australian Shepherd and is 23" tall, weighing anywhere from 58 lbs to 63 lbs depending on the season and his chores.

Cal has perfect conformation, he has a phenomenal head on him, blocky and square, yet he is in perfect line with his foundation bloodlines and is more streamlined, having a squared off muzzle that tapers gorgeously with a perfect ear set... He is a very big boy. His movement is determined all while being seemingly effortless.

He is FULLY health tested and clear of every genetic defect/mutation that is currently testable for this incredible breed plus an additional test that is currently for Border Collies... in my research, I am preemtively starting to test my dogs for the additional test, just in case it starts showing up in Aussies down the road.

Cal came to me as a  juvenile, already fully trained on cattle.  I have kept him busy at our old farm on beef cattle and he is now working with me on Dexter Cattle and Dairy Goats at our new and beloved Heritage Homestead.

Cal was raised in a kennel (as many working dogs are)... He came into my home quite some time ago and has fit in beautifully from the start... He is extremely well rounded and is the perfect in-home companion, he is so intelligent that it took him all of 2 days to adjust to being an indoor dog.

Cal is a family dog.  Cal is a tireless cattle dog.  

Cal has an extremely high drive and never leaves my side.  

He is brilliant and his ability to independently solve a problem or puzzle together a situation all while making sure I am on board with what he is doing is uncanny.  Cal is always eager to learn new commands, take on new tasks and to automatically transform into a couch potato when it is time for relaxing inside.  

Cal's favorite activities include loving his humans, working livestock, playing any game (mental problem solving or physical), strutting his stuff in public... again, he does not leave my side and I rarely leave home without him.

Cal has taken a fancy to my son Wolf as of late.... As my son becomes more boisterous, Cal follows suit... If my son sits to watch the grass grow, the snow fall or to allow the rain to tickle his face, Cal shadows him.  The reason I emphasize this growing bond with my son is that when Cal came to me, he was overly loyal to me (a trait I find appealing in a working dog) but was more aloof towards anyone else... thankfully this aloofness was not a character trait as it would be undesired, it was just that he was raised by one owner and it was what he was used to.  

Cal loves e v e r y o n e.  And I could not be more pleased by this, especially from such strong working lines.

I am extremely excited to see the puppies that he produces with Rose for her last litter prior to her retirement... so is the manager of ASCA... I will be retaining a puppy for myself as the match will be impeccable in all aspects.  

Razor Sharp Excalibur has a lineage that is loaded right up front with Hart II, countless Las Racosas lines, Ranch Hand and Hangin' Tree, with plenty of HOF and WTCH accomplishments in his bloodlines. The puppies are out of him are going to be a superb fit for anyone… companion, ranch dog, competitor, tennis ball fanatic, etc.


ASCA Registration: E183597


Health Test Results:


OFA Elbows: Normal

CERF 2015: Normal 

OFA Hips: Normal: Fair

Hereditary Cataracts/HSF4: Clear N/N 


DM: Clear N/N

CEA: Clear N/N

Dilated Cardiomyopathy: Clear N/N

MDR1: Clear N/N

Multifocal Retinopathy: Clear N/N

Hyperuricosuria: Clear N/N

Cone Degeneration: Clear N/N

Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis 6: Clear N/N

Intestinal Cobalamin Malabsorption (Border Collie Type): Clear N/N




Dam's Registered Name:

Redstar Rosebud


Call Name:



“Redstar Rosebud” (Rose or Rosie) is a brilliantly sweet, beautiful Red Tri Standard ASCA/AKC Australian Shepherd that stands at 20" and weighs in at 48-52 lbs depending on the season, chores and if she is nursing a litter.  

She is my all-around standing sweetheart, best family member and has turned out to be quite the bold working dog, always alert and ready to learn and can turn on a dime.  She has an incredibly high drive and an eagerness that is exceptional.  Her movement is graceful and eager... that of a determined ballerina.

Rosie's favoritive activities include snuggling... then some more snuggling and helping me get livestock in for the evening.... She is not too keen on toys unless it is a stick... and then she is bananas excited... She iwll play fetch all day long if we let her.  She is the best mother I have known and her puppies that she whelps show that... Again, her temperment is almost too good to be true.... Sweetest girl ever.  She is extremely biddable and just lives to make me smile and thrives on my pride over her.

She is FULLY health tested and clear of every genetic defect applicable to this incredible breed.  She is truly a kind dog, a trait she passes on to her puppies.  I would say her puppies are all canditates for Therapy Dog work (some have now gone on to be Service Dogs) just as quickly as they can be put on sheep or become spoiled lap dogs (come on, we all have Aussie lap dogs).. they make phenomenal family companions.  

Rose's offspring have proven to be gorgeous dogs with impeccable health and temperament.  Stellar conformation on this girl and she always candidly stands correctly (she even has great posture as she hugs me throughout the day) which she absolutely passes on to her puppies.

Rosie's body type is of the foundation lined Aussies, more narrow, more athletic, more "worky"...

she has a fantastic head, muzzle and bite and a great ear set. I absolutely drool over her.  She has a gloriously thick, smooth coat which is full and absolutely striking. I feel her drive and appearance can be heavily accredited to her complete lineage, laden with Briarbrook, Fairoaks, Slash V and Peachcreek lines.

My home would be a colder place without her... and I am grateful for every moment I see her gorgeous face and know that she is ready for a hug at any time.


Health Test Results:


OFA Hips: Normal: Good

OFA Elbows: Normal

CERF 2015: Normal

Hereditary Cataracts/HSF4: Clear N/N


DM: Clear N/N

CEA: Clear N/N

Dilated Cardiomyopathy: Clear N/N

MDR1: Clear N/N

Multifocal Retinopathy: Clear N/N

Hyperuricosuria: Clear N/N

Cone Degeneration: Clear N/N

Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis 6: Clear N/N


The Lilac & Lace Cattle Co. Farm is proudly located in Lake, MI in the heart of Mid-Michigan.


Scanned images of Cal and Rosie's ASCA and AKC Generation Pedigrees, OFA Certificates and Genetic Health Test Results are available on the Male Aussie and Female Aussie Pages.


For more information please contact me using the form at the bottom of the wesbite or email me at info@lilacandlacecattleco.com.


Please enjoy the photos that are currently up on the website... I will update them with weekly photos as these glorious puppies grow and mature!


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