July 2016 Litter!


The evening of July 1st, I was at Oakley's side and welcomed seven healthy and stunning puppies into this world...

Oakley and Mr. Goose's puppies are (in my humble opinion) spectacularly and extraordinarily perfect. 

They are the most beautiful baby orcas found on land... and oh how we have all been waiting for them! There are three wonderful girls and four incredible boys.

They are all going to make their mark in this world by filling seven families with love and companionship as devoted co-workers and/or family members. Let us not leave out that beauty part again... seven incredible homes are each going to have a new gorgeous, head turning child. 

It is exciting to know that each and every day I have the privilege of spending time with these creatures... and while they only rest, nurse and grow with Oakley and I during the first week, the puppies are now galloping through the house and getting underfoot and are being exposed to my young son, our Aussies, the chickens, the ducks, the goats, the pigs, the sheep, the cows and the horse while in my care.

This litter was bred to preserve the Australian Shepherd... the working dog who is dually and equally a brilliant family companion, an independent thinker, biddable to your desire, loyal, conformationally sound and correct, true to the original breed standard in all regards from their temperament to their physical traits and they are expected to be multifaceted without limits...

They are each to be the classic Australian Shepherd... who may or may not ever let you use the restroom by yourself again.

The fun specifics:

Black Tri Female
Name: "Lilac & Lace Cattle Co.'s River Rose"
Call Name: River

Black Tri Female
Name: "Lilac & Lace Cattle Co.'s Remi's Got that Grit"
Call Name: Remi

Black Tri Female
Name: "Lilac & Lace Cattle Co.'s Relentless Arbor Siren"
Call Name: Arbor

Black Tri Male
Name: "Lilac & Lace Cattle Co.'s Over the Ridge"
Call Name: Ridge

Black Tri Male
Name: "Lilac & Lace Cattle Co.'s Ardent Sir Oakley"
Call Name: Oaks and Oakley

Black Tri Male
Name: "Lilac & Lace Cattle Co.'s Ambrose Owns it All"
Call Name: Ambrose

Black Tri Male
Name: "Lilac & Lace Cattle Co.'s Bodhi's Awakened Nirvana"
Call Name: Bodhi

Mom and puppies are doing brilliantly! Everyone is eagerly nursing and has had their initial health exam and their tails done. We are not removing dewclaws. My vet is incredible on all accounts, but they took the prize when they made an "Emergency Hours on a Holiday Weekend" appointment at their office in order to appease my rigid schedule. The puppies were seen on July 3rd. 

Oakley truly had a stress free delivery and has been glorious in taking on the task of motherhood! I can't ask for anything more!

She's loving on them and caring for them with the true passion she has for anything in life... best mom ever. 

Our next litter here at Lilac & Lace Cattle Co. is spoken for.  

I hope everyone enjoys the photos that will be placed in this album over the First 8 Weeks of their precious lives and

beyond as these beauties develop, grow and make their way to being themselves. 

I'm so in love with all of them... I truly hope you join me in watching these babies grow up... It's going to be an adventure!

All puppies are cleared via parentage on all breed specific genetic mutations and should have Hip Scores of Good or Excellent, Normal Elbows and Clear CERF exams each year.  Both Oaks and Button have an OFA Hip Rating of Normal: Excellent.


Attached to this page is a blank Puppy Contract to give you an idea of the paperwork that will be required by you by the time you pick up your new baby… of course, I will have all of the information as far as the puppy, the parents, etc. filled out and customized to you specifically. I encourage new owners to review this before contacting me.  It is not an application, I interview potential new owners thoroughly via email, telephone or in person.  The Puppy Contract is subject to change, if you are on my waiting list or have deposits in, all changes will be forwarded to you immediately.  Most changes that occur are grammatical or changes in particular languange used.


Once the puppies are born, I email new owners a detailed outline of what their first 8 weeks of life is like under my care... it allows new owners to know the joys of raising a newborn puppy via a week by week layout.... of course new owners are emailed loads of photos, but there is so much more to it than puppy photo shoots.... there are first steps, eyes opening for the first time... it is an incredible experience and I love sharing it with people.


With your Puppy comes a New Puppy Package!

Included in your New Puppy Package is a comprehensive, informational “New Puppy Guide” and “Aussie Prep Kit” that I have taken a lot of time to write for your review and for you to utilize as you bring your new puppy home.  It covers basics like house training, crate training, diet, socialization, household hazards, foods that can harm your Aussie, etc. 

It also includes AKC and/or ASCA New Puppy Guides as well as a New Puppy Kit from the veterinarian that has seen your new puppy since birth. 

While the Puppy Package is loaded with extremely useful information, it also includes vital documents such as your puppy’s full Vet Record, your puppy’s sire and dam’s Genetic Health Test Records, OFFA Certificates, ASCA or ASCA/AKC Pedigrees/Lineages, Microchip Registration Paperwork (your puppy comes Microchipped), a sample of Heart Worm Preventative and a sample of Frontline.

I include a month's worth of Life Abundance: Grain Free All Life Stages food, a month's supply of Life's Abundance Wellness Supplements, age appropriate toys, a leather leash and a leather collar… the Puppy Package gets full and it is lovingly placed in a hand illustrated bag and ready for you to dive into the minute you get home with your new family member!     


Your puppy will be registered in full the day you pick him or her up, we do this together... I do not have puppies leave before they are registered. I will show you the required Left Side and Right Side photos that I am submitting with their paperwork. 

ASCA will send you their certificate and pedigree in the mail once it is processed.


Each puppy owner gets a choice of 6 organizations to donate $25.00 (in their name) which comes out of the price of your puppy. That way I know I am doing my part to help and we will do this on the day that your puppy is going home with you as well.  The donations add up and they are always welcome.  I donate privately as well, but this allows me to get others involved and get extra help to the organization of a new owner's choice.


Donation Choices: 




MSU Veterinary Department

PawPrint Genetics

Australian Shepherds Furever

All of Oakley and Button's information can be found on the Aussie Males and Aussie Females pages here, but I will include it below as well... I know, I know... the pictures are begging to be viewed at the bottom of the page... you will get there, I promise.


Registered Name: Atchely's Little Oakley Joe
Call Names: Oaks and Oakley

Oaks is an affectionately eager sweetheart, a beautiful blue merle ASCA/AKC Australian Shepherd that stands at 19" and weighs in at 42 lbs.

She is my charismatic, snuggle bug... always alert and ready to learn and can not only turn on a dime but she is known to whirl through the air for the pure joy of it.  She has an incredibly high drive and an eagerness that is exceptional.  Her movement is correct, effortless and determined... that of a girl just as ready for fetch as she is to gather some fowl or livestock.

Oakley's favoritive activities include face nuzzling, snuggling... then some more snuggling and making sure that she is not more than 2' from my leg.... She has a temperment and physical presence that spookily matches my Rosie and is almost too good to be true.... Sweetest girl ever.  She is extremely biddable and just lives to make me smile and thrives on my pride over her.  Oakley is doing very well with driving and flanking livestock... I cannot wait to work her more early fall of ’16.  I am hoping that she will hold true to what she has shown me in training and actual work to do nice Katahdin drives.

She is FULLY health tested and clear of every genetic defect applicable to this incredible breed.  She is truly a kind dog, full of fun loving joy.  Her puppies will be exceptional family companions, will excel at any farm job (large or small) and would be mind blowing in any agility capacity chosen for them as well as conformationally perfect for a show ring.

Stellar conformation on this girl, wonderfully proportioned... she candidly stands correctly and sits wonderfully postured.  Oaks of course loves to lay on her back for belly rubs and while there are not any competitive circuits for rating levels of cuteness... she would take home all of the blue ribbons if it were possible.

Oakley's body type is of the foundation lined Aussies, more narrow, more athletic, more "worky"...

she has a fantastic head, muzzle and bite and a great ear set. I absolutely love to look at this girl as much as I love to play or work with her.  She has a gloriously thick, smooth, short coat which is full and absolutely striking. I feel her drive and appearance can be heavily accredited to her complete lineage, laden with Las Rocosa, Nineveh (whom I love having in her!), McLemore, Mikalo and some really impressive Fairoaks lineage (even a touch of Fairoaks attributes so very much) lines.

My home is complete with her in it... I love knowing that she is ready to share my pillow each evening and ready to jump out of bed the next morning to help me with our homestead tasks.


AKC Registration: DN38631202

ASCA Regsitration: E185032


Health Test Results:


OFA Hips: Normal: Excellent

OFA Elbows: Normal

CERF 2016: Clear

Hereditary Cataracts/HSF4: Clear N/N 


DM: Clear N/N

CEA: Clear N/N

Dilated Cardiomyopathy: Clear N/N

MDR1: Clear N/N

Multifocal Retinopathy: Clear N/N

Hyperuricosuria: Clear N/N

Cone Degeneration: Clear N/N

Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis 6: Clear N/N

Registered Name: Lilac & Lace Cattle Co.'s Button Up That Goose

Call Name: Button and Mr. Goose


"Button Up That Goose" is an ASCA/AKC Registered Standard Blue Eyed Black Tri (Red Factored) Australian Shepherd and is 23" tall, weighing anywhere from 58 lbs to 65 lbs depending on the season and his chores.

Button has beautiful conformation, he has a phenomenal head on him, blocky and square with a balanced muzzle and deliciously beautiful ear set... He is a very big boned boy. His movement is striking, fluid and effortless.

He is FULLY health tested and clear of every genetic defect/mutation that is currently testable for this incredible breed.

Button is your true family companion, a fantastic co-worker at my farm, an eager student with a very high drive and your typical "Velcro Dog" always staying at my side, he is one of the most intelligent Aussies that I have ever been graced of owning and loving… unmatched in his problem solving capabilities. 

His favorite activities include sitting on me, herding goats and sheep, sitting on his boy (my son), prancing around the house with some type of toy to show off to us that he has impeccable taste (they are usually my son’s most valued stuffed animals), he absolutely is happiest running through the tall wild grasses on a few of the acres here that we let grow wild for the beautiful flowers that come in the summer with my son and I... we mow paths this way and that, so my son can follow him and Button has been known to nap under one of the many apple trees and treat himself to a fallen apple or two… smiling the whole way.  He is a solid working companion... extremely passionate and one of the most biddable Aussies here.

Button produces larger, big boned puppies and they have all had extremely impressive conformation.  

He has won first place (best in breed, best in class) in a few shows and I look forward to taking him on to the next level in AKC and ASCA shows. His puppies have proven to have the same high drive as he has, which surely can be accredited to his lineage that goes back to Briarbrook, Ashlawn, Hall Tree, Country Woods, Northbay and Las Rocosas lines... His Las Racosas lineage traced as far back as Las Rocosas Little Wolf. The puppies are so very well rounded and really could go in any direction… companion, ranch dog, competitor, tennis ball fanatic, etc.


Button Up That Goose is available to an extremely limited number of carefully selected Health Tested ASCA/AKC Australian Shepherd Females each year.  I am meticulous and thorough in my selections.  If you would like to see if he is the right sire for your litter, please contact me using the contact form at the bottom of the website or email me at!  Please be sure to have your bitch's Health Test Records, OFA Results and 4-Generation Pedigree ready to send me for review along with stacked photos.


ASCA Registration: F193967

AKC Registration: DN33033104


Health Test Results:


OFA Hips: Normal: Excellent

OFA Elbows: Normal

CERF 2015: Normal 

Hereditary Cataracts/HSF4: Clear N/N 


DM: Clear N/N

CEA: Clear N/N

Dilated Cardiomyopathy: Clear N/N

MDR1: Clear N/N

Multifocal Retinopathy: Clear N/N

Hyperuricosuria: Clear N/N

Cone Degeneration: Clear N/N

Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis 6: Clear N/N

If you are interested in being interviewed for a current or future puppy, please contact me using the form at the bottom of the page or email me at

Please enjoy the photos below.  Hover with your mouse to see the description and click to enlarge the photo!


Please don't forget to click "see more" at the end of the photos... Tons to see!



Oakley is due to whelp her upcoming litter on January 20th 2017.

This is a repeat breeding with Lilac & Lace Cattle Co.'s Button Up That Goose.


I was thrilled with the cross between these two that was born in July, and I look forward with great excitement and anticipation to experience helping her raise her soon-to-arrive puppies.

The previous litter was all that I hoped it would be and in every way... bloodlines, drive, intelligence, conformation, temperament and everything in between!  

There are some openings for interviews on her upcoming litter!!!!


To get on the waiting list or for information on future 2017 & 2018 planned breedings, please contact me below!

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