Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Mini Nubians and 

Oberhasli Goats!


So this is where I can go bananas on writing.... and I will in due time... in the future you will see facts on why goat's milk is so healthy and why I chose the breeds that I have!


We currently own 12 goats, all are Nigerian Dwarf Goats, save for the two incredible foundation pair of Oberhasli Kids that were just born and one stunning tri colored, blue eyed Mini-Nubian Doe...

8 GORGEOUS does and 4 STUNNING bucks!


|| OUR HERD || 

Oberhasli Herd Sire: Ober-Elite Hemi (Buckling)

Oberhasli Herd Queen: Ober-Elite Saylor (Doeling)

Old Mountain Farm Houdini (Doe) DOB 03/13/2012 {ADGA Registered}  Sire: Painted Pepper St Jasper  Dam: Painted Pepper PS Wonka

*Bearded Ladies Tulip (Doe) DOB 03/17/2008 {AGS Registered}  Sire: MCH Kaapio Acres Hot Habanero  Dam: Kaapio Acres V Teen Angel

Once Upon a Farm Molly (Junior Doe) DOB 04/01/2015 {ADGA Registered}  Sire: Rythmic Acres Cupid  Dam: Rythmic Acres Karioki

McNulty Farm Lacey Jay (Polled Junior Doe) DOB 03/24/2015 {ADGA Regsitered}  Sire: Mar's Acres George Jones  Dam: Rafiki Acres ABH Heart Throb

Gingersnaps aka Snaps (a STRIKING Junior Doe) {ADGA Registered}: Sold to Rock N Ridge Nigerian Dwarf Goats!

Farrah Sika aka "Farrah" (a BEAUTIFUL Junior Doe) {ADGA and AGS Registered}

Lucille (Mini-Nubian Doe)  {Not Significantly Registered}

Swallowhill Muggwort aka Muggs.. Muggs is jawdroppingly handsome junior buck. {ADGA Registered}

Luke... my blue eyed white buck. (ADGA Regsitered}

Frost... a stunning junior buck. {ADGA Registered}


*All Goats which have an asterisk are available for purchase... Prices vary.  All goats will be sold to homesteads or farms that have similar goals as I do here... We are making room in my schedule for our Katahdin Sheep flock that will come home the summer of 2016... this is due to my Aussies needing a better "medium" size of livestock to work and train on.  

All does are exposed to my buck, Muggs and will have pregnancy tests before being sold.  If pregnant, due dates are June-July.. please contact me for more information and to be interviewed for one of the goats available!


All of my does that have been in milk have produced the sweetest, most pure tasting delicious milk...

It is enjoyed raw here.  I use it for my son and I... plus when we wean Aussie litters, their kibble is soaked in goat's milk... it is incredible for their health and makes my brain hurt less about feeding them kibble.  All of our dog's under the age of 1 year drink goat's milk until they are transitioned onto their raw diet.... so not a drop is wasted!


It has been a funny adventure being so easily persuaded into drinking only raw goat's milk while subsidising with raw cow's milk when we do not have enough goatie goodness.  I have been a raw cow's milk drinker for what feels like forever and the guilt does creep in as I drink pint after pint of goat's milk and know how much more I prefer it over the milk of a cow.... This speaks volumes to how much I truly love goat's milk... anyone who knows me knows that I am forever an advocate of how healthy, delicious and incredible raw cow milk is.... but goat's milk wins hands down in all areas... from health benefits to taste.



On the Oberhaslis.... SO EXCITED... my future herd sire and future herd queen were born just this spring and will come home from their out of state breeder's farm in June!


So for now, please enjoy the photos of my dear goats....


Over time I will upload their lineage documents (they are all from fantastic bloodlines and some serious milking champions!) and more info like I stated above!

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