Cayuga and Swedish Ducks, Black Australorps  and English Orpingtons...


Our birds are an essential part of our homestead…. All are used in training the young Aussies here, they are prolific egg layers, all free range, all organically fed, given zero antibiotics and all of whom are great producers of offspring for raising additional layers or meat birds for our personal use and for our Aussies’ raw diets.


All of our animals are lovingly raised… even when we know their fate is the dinner table. 


We chose multiple heritage breeds for our chickens and ducks... we did so for the love of each breed and knowing that we cannot possibly utilize all of the offspring… so with that comes the sale of them to others who have a passion to help revive these phenomenal breeds that are on the American Conservatory List as endangered, threatened or at risk…. It brings me great joy to know that we are able to not only love, admire and show gratitude to our beloved birds, but we can provide ourselves with a healthy source of food and promote the growth of each breed as fertilized eggs, chicks and ducklings are sold to homesteaders, farmers, enthusiasts, etc. 


Love well, eat well, practice proper animal husbandry and share the love.


All proceeds from our natural, free range eggs, ducklings, chicks and fertilized eggs go to my son who is the “Bird Man” and loves his feathered siblings dearly.  He takes great pride even in egg collection, he walks the birds, he talks with them, he will take his laptop outdoors and attend his homeschool classes in the middle of his chickens.


HAPPY ANNOUNCEMENT: Chicks are hatching!  Ducks are hatching!


Below you will find the names and breeds of each of our chickens and ducks along with links that provide the incredible breed facts at the American Conservatory Livestock website, followed by many photos of our beloved feathered friends!


We have just under 70 ducks and just under 10 chickens... they are so much fun.











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