hair sheep:

Right now I am up to my ears in Dairy Goats! I have a variety of breeds that are absolutely incredible, gorgeous, sweet to us humans yet they provide great exercise for our Aussies.... tons of horns, stomping of hooves, charging and attitude which the Aussies handle with such finesse it is unreal! The Aussies love, love, love it and we all enjoy their sweet, healthy and fresh milk. Photos of our California dairy flock to come.  We just ended a small kidding season, so it has been a blast.

Our flock of Michigan sheep has been sold for the year of 2017 and is in the phenomenal hands of the flock's breeder to be bred for 2018 lambing and I cannot wait to see those babies!  

Some of the wethers that we raised are available for purchase through the breeder as are some of the young ewes.

If anyone is interested on the gorgeous, hearty Katahdin or Dorper breeds of hair sheep, please contact me and I am happy to discuss them with you and to refer you to our wonderful breeder!

Our breeding pair of Oberhasli Goats is also in the same trustworthy hands and if you would like information on how to get in touch with our sheep breeder to inquire on future Oberhasli kids, please also contact me and I will happily connect you!

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