Kedo... my Therapist.

While this horse-crazed girl used to have 6 horses (one was a pony)... when I moved from the large beef cattle farm, it was time for me to have just the necessities...

One horse, one special horse is enough.  It is more than enough.  Kedo is my therapist, my release at the end of a long day digging in dirt, buidling shelters, digging into feed, etnding to the many animals here....


He is my "hey let's go for a 45 minute bareback ride" around the acreage to my "hey, let's saddle up and go for a trail ride" man.... this gorgeous blue eyed (I swear he wants to be an Aussie) gentle soul is perfection for me.  Having one horse means that he will be spoiled, he will get more than enough attention and does not have to share me with other equine pals.


I am so grateful that he is mine.... he and the Aussies are the animals that do not have any greater responsibility than filling my heart.  

Yes, he will possibly sort some Dexter cows in the future... and yes, my Aussies all have jobs here... but oh do they own my heart!

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