... Waffles, Roots, Lentil and Blueberry ...



Kunes are a rare breed and stay away from the giant, almost impossibly built fair pigs that can sometimes have trouble walking due to their weight and conformation.... I am excited to be a part of bringing back an endangered breed of pig that so deserves the preservation... Kunes have short snouts as they are pasture pigs, long fur, brilliant colors, have phenomenal temperaments, they weigh about 250 lbs full grown and are intelligent, clean animals that thrive on social contact with humans.


We have named one of our Kune gals "Waffles" and one "Ginger Roots" aka "Roots"... our boar is named BVF Mahia Love "Lentil".

I will have Kune Kune Piglets available in early 2017.  They will be registered.  Please contact me to get on the waiting list!


Below the photo gallery of our Piggy Loves you will find a link to the American KuneKune Pig Registry that is loaded with the incredible facts about this incredible breed... Perfect for homesteaders and non-industrial farmers... Enjoy the read... They are fascinating animals!


We adopted a little boy potbelly piggy named Blueberry early Autumn of 2015....  At first, due to his very young age of 5 weeks old and his small size, he was living in our home... but now that he is castrated, larger and self sufficent, he is enjoying life with Roots and Waffles in the barn!  He is mimicking their hearty Kune Kune behavior and may even believe that he is a Maori piggy like his bunk mates.... They get along wonderfully and I love that the girls have him as a companion!

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